Dig up the old……

well, since I don’t have anything ‘new’, I figured I’d conjure up a few ‘old’ images and post them and talk about them a bit.

Arson on film

This was shot in Lawrence, Mass..

Shot on a Canon Eos 1N, a 28mm lens if I remember right.

It was shot in Fuji Suger G 800 color neg film and then tweaked in Photoshop 1.

Fuji subsequently used this image in a major ad campaign to show the versatility of the films emulsion latitude.

It was rated at 200 asa and ‘pull processed’.

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2 Responses to Dig up the old……

  1. john smith says:

    Love this image. Kurt have you thought about coloring all the fire hoses red. I absolutely love the composition and the exposure. Very tight shot!

    • 17pix says:

      Thanks bud. The red ones were actually red. Didn’t do my PP work other than desatching certain layers etc. Though that’s a good idea.

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